Thursday, 26 May 2011

The English Premier League Under Pseudo-AV: Bonus Material

I recently put something up on Significance where I took this year's English Premier League table and did a sort-of alternative vote analysis of it. This involved taking the bottom placed team out, removing all the results involving them, recomputing the points, redoing the table, removing who was now last, and so on (and who said AV was complicated?). You can see what happens if you read the article, but as a bit of bonus fun, I thought I'd see what happens if you did it in the other direction, and here are the results:
Liverpool and Everton fall spectacularly, with Stoke and my beloved Blackburn doing the opposite. As with the 'proper' AV I initially did, this reflects (to an extent) where these teams were getting their points from. For instance, Liverpool did well against the top teams, but badly against the lower ones, whilst the opposite can be said of Stoke. Neat, eh?

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