Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Sound of Silence

It's all been a bit quiet here lately. Too quiet, if you ask me. Alas, my output has been somewhat reduced by an exciting new website from the Royal Statistical Society, namely the online home of their quarterly magazine, Significance. (Do you see what they did there?)

So yes, what would have been content for Statscream has turned into content for Significance, and so whilst I have various things in the works that I'm pretty sure will only be suitable for this corner of the Internet, there will be numerous posts where I merely link to my pieces elsewhere.

My opening gambits, therefore, are:

Anyone Fore Golf - a look at whether there is evidence of home advantage in the Ryder Cup; and
Putting the Man in Man Booker - investigating the gender gap in literary prizes.

I have even become dangerously web 2.0 and set up a Twitter account - statacake - thus increasing my statistical Internetular outlets to 3. The hypothesis "do more means of communication result in less content" will be tested in due course...

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