Monday, 5 April 2010


It seems sensible to have an introductory post, so here it is.

Welcome to stats is stats backwards (great name, I know), a blog where I plan to dump statistical ramblings, drafts of papers, any of my simple stats documents I put together, that sort of thing. I appreciate that I am rather talking into the aether, as I can't imagine many will find this corner of the Internet, let alone hang around to read about the 'fascinating' world of statistics, but if I ever let readership put me off writing, I'm not sure I'd ever get published.

With a few posts up now, I'm attempting a tagging system to try and make certain types of posts easier to find, as well as identifying the nature of a post quickly. In particular, an indication of the 'mathsy-ness' of an article will be given, namely basic, moderate or advanced. The aim is that most people can get through any post on here, but some will require a bit more effort than others. There will also be 'introductory' posts, where fairly basic concepts will be introduced, usually for the sake of being built on later.

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